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Are you ready to step up and go big in 2019?
Apply Now to be part of the
2019 Green Team Accelerator Lab!
If you're ready to start and grow a Green Team in your community in 2019, you're in the right place!

Would you love for your community to get together...
- Neighborhood
- Workplace
- Faith Community
- School
- Youth Group name it!

What if you could get a full year of support from experts and from a community of your peers?

With that, would you be able to make a bigger impact faster... even if you're busy and even if you don't have prior experience?

We think so!

And that's why we designed the 2019 Denver Green Team Accelerator Lab...

The Accelerator Lab is a year-long incubator with support and expert training. The Lab includes tours and in-person meetings in Metro Denver as well as an online community.

The Lab will be facilitated by Joan Gregerson of the Green Team Academy, with guidance and support from our supporters and partners:
- Denver Sustainable Neighborhoods
- Lakewood Sustainable Neighborhoods
- Certifiably Green Denver
- Denver Office of Sustainability
- Eco-Cycle
- Interfaith Power and Light
- People and Pollinators Action Network

This is a no-cost program for you.

Be part of an exciting experiment! Our goal is to demonstrate how bringing people (like you!) together with expert guidance will help teams make a big impact fast, saving time and energy in the process.

We believe in you!

If you are able to attend in-person meetings in Denver, you are welcome to apply!
(Not limited to Denver residents.) Tell us where you'd like to meet!

Recommended Participation: Two members per team

Kick-Off Tour & Meeting
January 12, 2019 
9 am - 12 noon
Co-Op at 1st (1st & Sheridan)

Additional Tours/Meetings:
March 16
May 11
July 13
September 14
November 9

2nd Tuesdays
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Co-Op at 1st

West Crew Meetings:
February 12
April 9
June 11
August 13
October 8

2nd Saturdays
9:00 - 11:0 am
Rotating Locations

East Crew Meetings:
February 9
April 13
June 8
August 10
October 12

JANUARY 5, 2019


STEP 1: Sign Up Now to Request Application
We're excited to hear your dreams and goals for your community!
Request Accelerator Lab Application

Fill out the form below then check your email for the application form...
Step 2: Complete the Application
Here's what happens next:

1. Apply for the Accelerator Lab by January 5, 2019.
Complete the application on the next page or via the link that will be sent to your email.

Take just 5-10 minutes and tell us:
- If you'd like to join as a participant, mentor or sponsor/supporter/partner
- Your availability and meeting preferences
- Your dreams and goals for your community

If you have two people from your team, each person needs to submit an application.

2. Watch your email inbox for more details about the program.

3. After applications are reviewed, we will be deciding times and venues for Accelerator Lab meetings.  Meetings will be held January through November 2019, along with a online community for 24/7 support.

4. After you apply, you may be invited to have a phone interview to give us a chance to hear more about your goals for your community, your availability and your ability to commit to a year-long incubator.

Step 3: Participate in the Accelerator Lab
The goal of the Accelerator Lab is to help people like you to launch and grow thriving Green Teams in their communities. We want you to be able to bring about a societal transformation, so that sustainability is on everyone's mind and in every part of our lives.

We would love to mentor 10 or more teams, ideally with two members from each team! If your team is accepted to the Accelerator Lab, you will be meeting throughout the year with your peers, from January - November 2019.

If you applied to participate as a mentor, you can attend some or all meetings and participate in the online community.

Your facilitator will guide you through trainings, providing tools and exercises to help you visualize, plan and take action. But even more important, by building a supportive community, we will all learn from each other, stay inspired and fast-track your team's impact!

Step 4: Share Your Story and Inspire Others
Let's make Sustainability go viral!

There will be many opportunities for you to share your story! By telling about your struggles, challenges and results, you will inspire others to follow your lead.

Opportunities to share your story include:
- Member profile in online community
- Featured on Green Team Academy podcast
- Interview or write-up in Green Team Academy training or marketing materials
- Featured on other websites and media

...and maybe, you will want to help mentor the following year's group of eco-leaders!
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a cost to join?
Lucky you! For 2019, the program will be offered at no cost to participants.
You may have the opportunity to contribute food, host a meeting or purchase optional additional resources.
There is no cost to participants for the 2019 Accelerator Lab.
Who can apply?
Anyone that:
- Can attend meetings in-person in Denver
- Is interested in making a positive impact for the environment in their community
- Is part of an existing team or thinking of starting a new team
- Wants to be a participant, mentor or sponsor/supporter/partner

Ideally, two people per team
When and where with the meetings be?
The Accelerator Lab will meet from January to November 2019.
Odd Months:
- Usually 2nd Saturday AM: Tours of Neighborhoods and/or Recycling Facilities plus Meeting
Even Months (except for March which will be held on March 16)
Kick-Off Meeting: January 12 9 am at the Co-Op at 1st
- 2nd Tuesday PM: West Crew Meeting
- 2nd Saturday AM: East Crew Meeting
What types of communities can apply?
Any type!
Neighborhoods, youth groups, school eco-clubs, faith communities, workplaces... you name it!
What will I get out of participating?
I wasted not just years but almost two decades trying to make an impact, but not knowing how. You'll get shortcuts to making an impact in your community by being surrounded by a supportive online and in-person community of your peers and through expert trainings throughout the year. So, you can avoid the common pitfalls and get  results. The world needs you and your community to make these changes quickly. This Accelerator Lab will help!
Can I attend meetings and just help out?
Yes, you can! You can attend meetings and/or help out in the online community. Sign up on this page. Then, complete the application. Choose "Mentor" as your role and tell us how you'd like to participate!
How can I find out about sponsoring or supporting the Accelerator Lab?
Wonderful! Start by entering your name and email on this page. Then fill out the application form. Choose "Sponsor/Supporter/Partner" as your role and let us know more about your interest in contributing by promoting, funding, with venue space or other resources.
About Joan Gregerson & the Green Team Academy
Joan Gregerson, Eco-Nut
- Creator of Green Team Academy
- Founder, Sustainable Revolution (Resilient) Longmont
- Founder, Congress Park Neighbors Green Team
- Over 20 years as an engineer in the field of Building Energy Efficiency & Renewables
- Solar Designer and Sales
- Climate Reality Leader
- Holistic Health Coach
- Author, Teacher, Speaker
After years of struggling to make positive changes for the environment in my community, I've figured out what works and what doesn't work.

Mistakes? I've made them all. And I see most teams repeating these same mistakes again and again.

The sad thing is that the world needs us to be act quickly! We can't afford to waste our precious time and energy.

I know that you're busy.

I started the Green Team Academy to mentor people like you that want to make a huge impact in your community quickly, who don't have a lot of time and may not have experience in leadership or community organizing.

The truth is... anyone can step up and lead a team in their community. It's natural for us to care about the very planet that sustains us. In this Accelerator Lab, you'll experience exactly how to do it.

This is an exciting opportunity to make your dream of community transformation come true!

Scroll up and enter your name and email. And I can't wait to hear your ideas for your community,

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